UCD Sprint O intervals (2010-05-20)
Kategori: Träning
Karta/område: University College Dublin campus
Arrangör: Great Eastern Navigators
Land: Ireland
Distans: 700-1200meters
Sträcka: 0.69 km
Tid: 2:39
Genomsnittlig puls: 166
Maxpuls: 181
Head to head O intervals with Christian FF and Jonathan Quin (last two intervals) Audrey Martin (last two). Some of my gps tracks aren't drawn right in tiny parts, it took forever to make this map/tracks and i'm done tweeking the bloody thing.

1: 1160m, 4:17. Opposite directions.
2: 1150m, 4:56. Opposite directions.
3: 1120m, 5:21. Same direction.
4: 845m, 3:22. Same direction.
5: 1090m, 4:17. 10 second intervals.
6: 700m, 2:36. 10 second intervals.
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UCD Sprint O intervals (2010-05-20)